hell for the company

The Table of Contents for Women Destroy Science Fiction! has been released.

It’s a nice feeling, seeing my name there. I’m honoured and excited to be among so many fantastic women writers, and I can’t wait to read the issue.

Even though I’m happy about my first published story, there’s also a tiny bit of dread sneaking up on me. Not really regarding whether people will like my story (though I’m sure that will kick in once it’s actually published), but dread connected to this feeling that I need to prove myself as a writer.

There’s a need to show the world that it wasn’t a fluke, that I’m not a one-hit wonder, that I can actually write quality short stories and not just one 400-word piece of flash.

This isn’t a new feeling, really. I think most writers have a need to prove themselves, whether they’re amateurs or old-hands.

Yesterday, I found some old, unfinished short stories on my computer, which I’d completely forgotten about (lack of organisation will do that) and instead of wincing as I re-read them, I thought, I can use this. Maybe the hope of a fledgling writer balances out the dread, just a little.

And a writer’s work is never done!

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