5 faves: Dogs

I didn’t grow up around dogs as a kid—my parents ran a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere, so my childhood did feature plenty of cows, some chickens, two cats, and the occasional guinea pig instead. I only discovered that I was a dog person when I took the plunge and got a dog… Read More 5 faves: Dogs

5 faves: Portals

Given the current pandemic situation and the fact that many of us are in isolation, perhaps feeling cut off from the world, or struggling to reconcile ourselves to this new reality, I think that escapism is more relevant than ever before. And while literature is a form of escapism in and of itself, if you’re… Read More 5 faves: Portals

5 faves: Horror

I don’t like being scared – which is a bit strange, since my mum grew up on classics such as Friday the 13th and is a big fan of the Saw franchise. Maybe it skipped a generation. Yet for reasons I can’t explain, I’m occasionally struck with the desire to watch something scary. Most of… Read More 5 faves: Horror